Final Fashionista Post


Dear Purdue Fashionistas,

I hate to break it to you all…. but unfortunately this will be my last blog post :(. I have had such a blast blogging for all you Purdue Fashionistas this semester! If it weren’t for my COM497 class I probably never would have started my own blog. It was such a good opportunity to keep you all updated on the latest trends and styles and definitely a good experience.

Next year I will hopefully be taking my Fashionista knowledge with me and working in the retail industry. I have a few interviews lined up after graduation and I look forward to starting my future in fashion. Hopefully Purdue will be able to keep up with all the new styles without my advice! For those of you who are going to miss my blog… I would recommend following these blogs:

* College Fashion Blog

* Her Campus Blog

* College Fashionista

If you are currently a student at Purdue and looking for great COM courses to take next year, I highly recommend COM497. This course is not only an introduction to new media, it also teaches you a lot about the important of social media.

Goodbye Purdue Fashionistas!

Best Regards,

Courtney Cox


Soundslides Project


I wanted to take a little break from being a Fashionista and check out the Agricultural Tent at Purdue Spring Fest. I went to Spring Fest on Saturday, April 14 in the pouring rain! It was such a terrible day outside and my shoes were covered in mud, but it was pretty interesting once I got inside the tent. I took a lot of pictures at the event and I was able to interview Francie Armstrong, a West Lafayette visitor, as she spoke to Purdue Agricultural students. Check out my Soundslides Project for my COM497 class.

I have taken an agricultural class at Purdue as an elective my freshman year, but other than that I don’t know much about agricultural. It was very educational to attend this event and I learned a lot about the combine process. It’s always nice to expand outside the box and learn about other subjects. The tools that they provided at Spring Fest allowed us to get a hands on experience. The agricultural students were very informative and demonstrated their knowledge very well. I would recommend attending Purdue Spring Fest next year for anyone that missed out!

Fashionista Events for the Summer


I hope you all had a fabulous Grand Prix weekend! Now it’s time to prepare for the Indy 500 this summer! The Indy 500 will take place Sunday, May 27, 2012. For those of you who don’t know, The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s most famous and prestigious auto race. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the surrounding areas during the Indianapolis 500 turn into a Mardi Gras-like atmosphere during the entire race weekend. I have been attending the Indy 500 since I was a little kid. It’s such a fun experience and I recommend you all to go!

* The fashion is a little different from Grand Prix. Prepare to cut off those jean shorts and bring out the bandana. The more “hick” you look, the better!

* The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the world’s largest spectator sporting facility, with more than 250,000 permanent seats. If the seat boards from the grandstands at IMS were laid end-to-end, they would stretch 99.5 miles.

Get ready to eat A LOT!!

  • Coca-Cola products: More than 16,000 gallons, which would fill two tanker trucks
  • Miller Lite and other beer products: More than 14,000 gallons
  • Indy Dogs: If laid end-to-end, would circle the 2.5-mile IMS oval more than two times
  • Bratwurst: If laid end-to-end, would circle the 2.5-mile IMS oval more than one time
  • Brickyard Burgers: More than 10,000 pounds, equal to the weight of six IZOD IndyCars
  • Track fries: More than 24,000 pounds, equal to the weight of an elephant
  • Chicken tenders: More than 2,000 pounds, equal to the weight of 13 Borg-Warner Trophies
  • Ketchup: More than 475 gallons, which would fill 10 bathtubs
  • Ice: More than 300,000 pounds

What to Wear to the Grand Prix Race?


I searched online for “What to Wear to Purdue Grand Prix Race,” and I found nothing worth reading. I searched more fashion blogs about car racing fashion and I came across, what to wear to the Indy 500. I figured this was as close as I was going to get. Although the Indy 500 is a totally different event in a completely different location; it is still a car race in the state of Indiana. I want to share some of their advice with you and them some advice of my own.

“You may not think the Indy Car Races is a place to find a Wardrobe Wire girl, but we love new experiences and are always up for a good time. A chance to see something new and dress the part is always fun for us! And when you attend a new event for the first time, it is shameful to not do your research and fully dress the part! It’s like showing up for a costume party without a costume. Boring!”

• Denim shorts                             • Sunscreen                           • Hat/visor
• Capris                                           • Flip flops                            • Sunglasses
• Jeans                                            • Tennis Shoes                     • Official Race Gear (pick a team and support them!)
• Tank tops                                    • Earplug

When I attended the race I made shirts with my friends and it was really fun because we all matched. Since this is my last grand prix 😦 I want to go all out this year. My friends and I are going to make jerseys that look like racing shirts! Here are some examples of what we wore last year:

Creative Costumes for Grand Prix


It’s finally that time of year again! THE BEST WEEK EVER…. GRAND PRIX WEEK!! It’s time to start thinking of your creative costume for grand prix breakfast club. For those of you who don’t know, the Purdue Grand Prix is a charity go-kart race held annually on Purdue University’s West Lafayette, Indiana campus. The purpose of the event is to raise scholarship money for Purdue students. It focuses on its tradition of “Students Helping Students.” Though the actual race is held on a Saturday, much of the surrounding festivities begin the weekend before. The student body sees this as an excuse to throw big parties and, often, skip class.

However, all this is a build up to the greatest part of the week, besides the race, of course, the return of Breakfast Club. Early Saturday morning the Chauncey bars re-open to hordes of costume clad students and alumni. Screwdrivers and other alcoholic drinks are served, often in large 20oz plastic cups. Patrons dress in costume, the more outrageous or inventive the better. People not in costume are usually the odd ones out.

* THE MOST CREATIVE COSTUME WINS! Start thinking now… the more creative you get, the better. Here are some creative ideas:

Fraternities hold this time particularly important, they will usually throw their largest parties during this week. Grand Prix is also a large event for alumni who often will make a long weekend of the event. Starting as early as Wednesday, the already packed bars, the majority on Chauncey Hill, begin to spill over.

Titanic is Back!


The 1997 film is back in 3D and better than ever! The movie Titanic is definitely worth seeing again. Flush the Fashion wrote a great review on Titanic 3D. Since this is a fashion blog… I want to focus on the fashion. I absolutely love the fashion in the movie. Everything from the style of the dresses to the designs are elegant and perfect. “For the first-class passengers aboard theTitanic, status was everything. Elegantly attired ladies strolled the ship’s pristine decks and opulent dining rooms in dainty lace and chiffon withextravagant trim, oversized hats, long, white gloves and exquisite jewels.”

I found ensembles inspired by Titanic being created today. Here are the Past & Present Creations:

* The beautiful costumes were designed by Deborah Lynn Scott.

* The Boarding Suit: This is the original suit created for Kate Winslet to wear in the film.











* Rose’s Tea Gown: This is the original tea/luncheon gown created for Kate Winslet to wear in the film.











* Rose’s “Jump” Dress: This is the original gown created for Kate Winslet to wear in the film.











* All of these custom made dresses are available to order on Titanic Gowns. They would make beautiful costumes for an elegant party, or even just a keepsake. There are many more gowns on the website and I highly recommend looking at all the fabulous designs.

Her Campus Purdue


Congratulations to Her Campus!! The Purdue student organization application has been ACCEPTED! Her Campus is now an OFFICIAL Purdue student organization! Her Campus Purdue, a branch of, is an online magazine for the college women of Purdue with features on Campus News, Events, Profiles, Polls, and even Campus Cuties! Her Campus Purdue is a place for the women of Purdue to get personalized information about what’s happening on their campus! As a branch of, the content of Her Campus Purdue is written by Purdue students, and is a supplement to the national content of that is created for college women everywhere.

Since joining the Her Campus Team, HC staffers have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, People magazine, W magazine, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Lucky, O magazine, MTV, The Washington Post, and Ogilvy, among others.

“Do you want to be in Her Campus? Here are some stories we’re working on that we’d love your input on!”

  • Submit an Op-Ed!  Are you passionate about something?  Do you want your voice to be heard?  Pitch us your idea for an op-ed.  We’ll let you know if we’re interested in having you write it up for the site!
  • Inspiring Career Women  Do you know a woman with an amazing career? Tell us how you know her and what makes her inspirational!
  • Her Story Do you have a personal story that you think would make an interesting read for collegiettes everywhere?  In the past we’ve featured college women who took their landlords to court, paid their own way through college, and were single for the first time since middle school.  We’d love to hear your story.
  • Love Life Questions  Submit a love life question you’re struggling with to be answered by Joe, Joey, Joel or Jake, our Real Live College Guys!
  • The Life of an RA Have you spent part of your college career as an Resident Advisor on campus? Tell us what it’s like!
  • Rocking the AP Exams Remember taking those exams at the end of your junior and senior years of high school? Yep, so do we, and we’d love to hear your advice about how to pass them with flying colors.

Attention collegiettes™! Her Campus Purdue will be accepting applications to fill positions for the spring semester! They are currently look to fill all positions including Campus Celebrity editor and assistant editor, Campus Cutie editor and assistant editor, and contributing writers. To apply, send cover letter with desired positions to They want you to join the team!