Behind the Scenes with Fashionista Jasmine Lockwood at the 2012 Purdue Fashion Show


The 2012 Purdue Fashion Show was held at Ross-Ade Pavilion on Saturday, March 24. I had the amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch the models prepare themselves and get ready for their big moment. Jasmine Lockwood, a junior in apparel design, was nice enough to let me hang out and get the inside scoop on the fashion show. Her two models, Sarah Garvey and Megan Fraser, walked down the catwalk and modeled her fabulous outfits.

I had such a fun time getting to know all the models and designers back stage. I could have interviewed them all about their amazing designs, but one stood out the most to me. That was Jasmine’s designs. I was so intrigued by her unique designs and I wanted to know more. Jasmine took the time to tell me more about herself and describe her designs to me, take a look.

The audience sits there and watches the fabulous models walk down the runway, but they never get to see what happens behind stage. That is the fun part! Girls were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I got to witness the models full of exciting and nervous emotions. As simple as it seems, not everything goes smoothly during fashion shows. Luckily I was there to assist Jasmine and help her get Sarah and Megan ready. Check out this video and watch the models prepare themselves before they walk down the runway.

After going behind the scenes, I have a new outlook on the Purdue Fashion Show. It was such a good experience to meet Jasmine and watch her as she perfected her outfits on the models. Last minute nips and tucks would have stressed me out, but she kept her cool and made sure the outfit fits just right. As for the models, I don’t think I would have been able to walk in front of all those people! Sarah and Megan did a fabulous job strutting their stuff down the catwalk. I wish I would have been able to see the entire event, but being behind stage was so much fun.


About Courtney Cox

I am currently a senior studying Retail Management at Purdue University. Fashion has always been my main interest. My past experience in the fashion industry both domestic and abroad has given me the opportunity to stay updated in the lastest trends.

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