Four Fabulous Fashionista Colors for Spring Break


Happy spring break everyone! I leave for Puerto Vallarta tomorrow, so unfortunately this will be my last blog post until I return on March 19th! For most of you, spring break has probably already started. I have been in the “sunshine relaxing mindset” all week! It’s hard to focus on school when all I want is a tropical drink in my hand while I soak up the sun on the beach. Before you depart from Purdue, double check your suitcase and make sure you brought at least two of these Four Fabulous Fashionista Colors with you on spring break! It’s all about the color! Check out Pantone: fashion color report Spring 2012, and take a color survey.

Coral: (pinkish-orange) This color looks great with a tan! It’s a fun spring break color because it boosts your tan. Something about the combination of pink and orange can make you look tanner. I’m not talking about the “snooki orange” tan, I’m talking about the beautiful bronze. picture

Turquoise: (blueish light green) Not only is this the color of the ocean, but it’s also a great color for accessories. Turquoise can be combined with multiple colors and still look fabulous. It stands out and completes the outfit! picture

Tangerine: (orange) This color has a lot of flavor! Looks just like the fruit, you want to eat it! It is different from Coral because it is brighter. This color is so fun and great for the sun! It will even match the tropical drink  in your hand! picture

        BlueViolet: (blueish-purple) They say purple is the color of royalty… wear this color and you will be the spring break queen! Don’t worry about wearing darker colors on spring break, blue violet is a brighter version of purple. Blue violet is a great color to wear out to dinner on the beach. picture


About Courtney Cox

I am currently a senior studying Retail Management at Purdue University. Fashion has always been my main interest. My past experience in the fashion industry both domestic and abroad has given me the opportunity to stay updated in the lastest trends.

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