5 Fashionista Party Themes


Spice up your life and get creative at your next college party with one of these five themes! Besides Halloween, college is about the only time you can dress up in crazy costumes and look completely normal. If you haven’t attended a theme party yet, please do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list. My favorite experiences at Purdue have been theme parties!

Toga: Grab those sheets off your bed and you’re ready for a great night! Toga party is the easiest theme you can pull together last minute. This college tradition was made famous by Animal House in 1978. Learn How to Make a Toga out of a Bedsheet! photo 

ABC (Anything But Clothes): Now it’s time to get creative! An ABC party is exactly what it means, you literally wear Anything But Clothes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean everyone shows up in their birthday suit! Instead, you have to assemble a fashionable outfit out of materials other than clothing.

Rubik’s Cube: This party theme starts out simple, but quickly gets out of control. Everyone shows up wearing one item of clothing for each color on the Rubik’s cube (white, red, blue, orange, green, and yellow). Then, once you get to the party, you swap clothing items with other guests until you can create an outfit of one solid color. Tip: accessories like gloves and hats make this process a lot easier. photo 

Alphabet: Pick a letter in the alphabet and everyone has to dress up in a costume that starts with that letter. Be creative and think of something unique! It is kind of challenging, but really funny to see what people come up with. For example, the letter T could have people showing up as turtles or teachers.

High School Stereotype: Now is your chance to dress up as a geek, a cheerleader, a jock, a band member, or even just make fun of your own high school clique. If you want a great laugh, dig up that old uniform and see if it still fits! photo


About Courtney Cox

I am currently a senior studying Retail Management at Purdue University. Fashion has always been my main interest. My past experience in the fashion industry both domestic and abroad has given me the opportunity to stay updated in the lastest trends.

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