Brighten up your Style


Adding a pop of color to your everyday outfit can brighten up your style. It’s as simple as that. Just a little splash of color can make a huge difference. You can use color as an accent to the outfit or even just accessorize with it. Pinterest is full of trendy ideas and ways to utilize color into your outfit. Purple and Turquoise are big colors this winter. They look great when you pair them with neutral colors and many other base colors.

Accessories are the perfect way to bring color into your outfit. Next time you are buying a plain black purse, re-think and shop like a Fashionista. Start buying some color! Not only will it brighten up your style, color may also brighten up your day. A popular trend that I have seen around campus lately is colored jeans. Anything goes in fashion… so be a Fashionista in your own way and spice up your style with some color.

Creative ways to brighten up your style:

* Colored shoes (TOMS come in a large variety of colors)

* Colored handbags (check out Marc Jacobs)

* Colored jewelry

* Colored scarves/hats


About Courtney Cox

I am currently a senior studying Retail Management at Purdue University. Fashion has always been my main interest. My past experience in the fashion industry both domestic and abroad has given me the opportunity to stay updated in the lastest trends.

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