First step to becoming a Fashionista


Fashion has always been my main interest. This blog will keep you updated on the latest trends and Purdue fashions. Studying Retail Management at Purdue University has taught me many skills that I can apply to my future career. My past experience in the fashion industry both domestic and abroad have afforded me with opportunities to learn all different types of style.

The fashion taste in Indiana may not be as trendy as in a big city, but it certainly has style. I will share the latest fashion tips and easy ways to look great for class. Some similiar blogs I love to follow are College Fashion and College Fashionista. Looking fashionable for class may not be your first priority, but the simple style advice I give you will be hard to resist!

* The latest fashion trends at Purdue

* Style tips for everyday class

* Online sale updates for great priced clothing

* College Fashionistas’ guide for fashion

Fashion trends are evolving and styles are always changing. Don’t find yourself falling behind and stuck in those old fads. As a college student on a small budget, I will help you find the latest trends for the right price. Keeping up with fashion will no longer be hard.  This blog will give you the inside on Purdue style and you yourself will become a Fashionista.


About Courtney Cox

I am currently a senior studying Retail Management at Purdue University. Fashion has always been my main interest. My past experience in the fashion industry both domestic and abroad has given me the opportunity to stay updated in the lastest trends.

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